Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Re swizzling

I got a fair amount of what I wanted to get done, done this morning. Then I was going to sit down and watch some TV when I got hit by an idea.

I have a furniture problem in the living room. I think I have too much of it but maybe it's just how I have it placed. My idea yesterday was that when my brother was here, I'd sit him down and make him help me rethink the current plan and execute.

But, today, I had a better idea. How about if I make some small-ish changes and live with them for two weeks, then, when he comes, he can improve OR vote to put it all back the way it was and help me do that.

So... I re-arranged. Actually all I did was swap my chair/ottoman with the sofa BUT that led to a bunch of cleanup that was long overdue. Rerouting cables and cords and, yep, found one that I have no idea what it powers. I put away a lot of stuff that was hanging around and needed to be tidied up I still have a couple of more things to put away but I'm nearly there.

My chair is hard and my sofa is soft. My back and legs were getting weary, I think, of the chair and maybe interested in the sofa for a while. Plus, the sofa offers a lot more sitting/lying options that might help the bones/muscles and general disposition of my old body.

But, the chair is also disgustingly filthy. I've tried to clean it with various products without success. It's the kind of dirty that you can't really see until you get right up in there but... when you are there, you can see it for sure. So I'm not sure what to do about that. Again, maybe my brother will have ideas.

But, I did manage to eliminate a table. So good.

We'll have to see how this works out but, I'm intrigued and sweaty. More to do. Break time is over.
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