Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


In the winter, my house is heated by the condos upstairs, either side of me and the common area out my front door. However, it works the same in summer, when I'd really rather it didn't. Right now the outside thermometer says 62 while the air conditioner is working hard to cool down the inside to 74. Geesh. Opening the door to the outside while I'm trying to cool the inside down seems a bit counter intuitive but also the smart move to give the AC unit some help. Open? shut? open? shut?

Regardless, I'm thinking it's going to be an indoor day here. I'm getting close to some thoughts about a minor rearrangement of the living room to make the space seem more spacious. Also there needs to be some serious decluttering. And I have a pattern half put together on the kitchen counter. I need to get it all put together and into the sewing room.

I don't have anything that needs to be done outside the house except for maybe a walk if it stays cloudy like this. But, I can see blowing that off although a poke bowl for lunch does sound like a good idea... Cleary now I'm just killing time for no good reason. I need to get off my ass and do something. Anything. Probably getting dressed would be an excellent start.
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