Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night, about 9 pm, my phone rang. I didn't recognize the number and I hit Decline. It rang again. Declined. Again. Then he (and, I'm comfortable in my assumption that it was a he) switched from Hangouts to phone and called again. And sent a text saying "Pick up, Susan!". And several more calls.

Yeah, nope. 1. No phone calls at night without prior ok - text, emails, no problem. I you need to talk to me, send me why, first. 2. No phone calls from people I don't know. There are a million ways, that are not phone calls, to get in touch with me. Try one of those. 3. If I decline your call once, it's ok to try again. Technology fails sometimes. If I decline your call twice, rest assured, we are not going to speak unless and until you give me a good reason (see number 1 above).

If there were a place to bet, I'd lay giant wads of cash that this caller stumbled on one of my web cams and wanted to URGENTLY WARN me that my camera was public and EVERYONE CAN SEE YOU!!! Because I am not capable enough to understand how webcams work and surely buy into how dangerous it is for me to have one that everyone can see. (For the record and for the umpteenth time, nope and nope.) He got blocked.

It's another inside day here today. Tomorrow is supposed to be way cooler so if I need to go anywhere, tomorrow will be fine. Right now I'm enjoying my air conditioner. Enjoying it a lot. I did finish up my sewing project yesterday and that has cleared my mental sewing block like I thought it would. So today, a new project, probably. Until it gets too hot back there.

I've only got two more episodes of The Good Fight. Easily finished off in a month so only $11. And, considering, I re-enjoyed the 10 Season 1 episodes in addition to the the 13 Season 2 ones, I'm thinking less than .$50 an episode for some of the very best TV ever, ain't such a bad deal. Next up, probably, Acorn.TV for a month or two. OR maybe Sundance Now for a trial. Having Roku built into the TV makes all of this so much easier to do and undo.

Oh and I've only got 30 minutes left in my latest audio book. I need to find and download a new one. I think I'm going to get that Clinton/Patterson novel. I know it's going to be trash. I just hope it's good trash.
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