Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday, coming home from the pool, my car's tire warning light came on. It used to come on every 2 or 3 months. I'd get the air checked/fixed and I'd be good for 2 or 3 months. Then at my car checkup they found nails. So I got a new tire. The tire warning light fell silent for months and months until yesterday. I was actually nearly home but I did a u turn and went back a few blocks to a tire place and had the check/fix the air. One of the tires was a little low. No biggie.

Until, of course, this morning, when the damn light came on again. When I got to the gym, I looked and it was flat. Pancake flat. Fucking flat.

Smart cars do not have spares. They have a tire repair kit which is basically a can of air and some goop glue. I kind of know how to access that kit but not really. So I conjured on the problem and possible solutions while I swam. Home was 11 miles. The Mercedes place was about that far. There are two tire places very close by - one across the street. The car is parked in the LA Fitness parking garage. So. I decided just to leave it there. Tomorrow I'll call one of the tire places and make sure they can and will fix me and when.

I don't take my purse, usually, when I go to the gym and I didn't today. So I dug out all the spare change from my swim bag and the car hidey holes. I left my swim bag and took the car keys and some water and hit the streets. I had managed to find 1 $20, 1 $10, 1 $5, 1 $1 and six quarters. I did have my phone. Whew. There were no Car2Go's anywhere close. There are two bus stops. 1 very close with a bus that has a stop a mile from my house. The further away bus stop comes closer to home but I didn't noodle that out in time. I was mainly worried about finding any bus and did I have the right change (they don't make change on busses any more) and what was the amount needed anyway?? (I have a prepaid bus card in my wallet. At home.)

Turns out the fare is $2.50. Whew! Plus, when I got on the bus, I learned that it's going to $2.75 on July 1. I'd a been fucked in two weeks.

The bus whizzed right by my house and finally stopped at the center of town and I walked home. My watch says it was .9 of a mile. My feet, back and attitude says it was 5 miles. At least it was early enough so that I could walk in shade most of the way.

And, I don't need the car today and have to be anywhere tomorrow. Getting the bus back there is way too complicated for my lazy ass. But there is Car2Go and Lyft and Uber (if I want to swallow all of my integrity). I have the time and the money to fuck with it all. But, geesh, I'd like one month without some unplanned significant expense. It seems like something comes up every month. But, then, at least it's spread out to once a month.

So see, could be way way way worse. I'm home. I'm fed. My air conditioner is keeping me cool. There's a Mariner game in 2 hours and that gives me time for an episode of The Good Fight.

PLUS, I have a nice stash of all of my favorite friends - Ben, Jerry and Maryjane.
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