Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A fabulous turn...

Last night the Mariners won and I slept like a rock. Now I'm starting to believe the connection. The Mariners not only won, they crawled over cut glass for the victory. It was a spectacular game with an equal number of OMG HOW AMAZING!'s and OH FUCK!'s. It was also exhausting.

And tonight we do it all again only this time I'll be in situ. I've already had a text this morning from my Red Sox nephew who is appropriately jealous.

My swim this morning was a good one. I kicked off the wall and stopped at 1800 yards and an hour later. I don't even know what I thought about. It was good.

Oh and when I was done, my buddy came in. This is the guy who has a blind cane and often swims with me in the mornings. He's been going to this gym as long as I have - about 5 years now, I think. It took many years for me to even get him to acknowledge my 'good morning' and smile. But since then, he gets more friendlier nearly every swim. Today I learned his name is Matt. Fun to have a swim buddy.

I made a stop at the grocery and remembered to look at my list and only forgot one thing - bread. It wasn't on the list. Oh well. It's the easiest thing to get nearly anywhere.

I'll be heading out to the game in 3 hours. I need get my shit together.
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