Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Denting the rut

I forgot to reset my alarm after yesterday's day off and so this morning, I didn't wake up until 5. It turned out to be an interesting twist. The traffic is not quite as bad in Summer so my not getting to the bridge coming home until 6:30 was ok. The traffic was heavier than usual but not undoable. There's a train that barrels through for 15 minutes at 6:20. It means I can't easily get to the robot so I need to noodle that bit out. But, otherwise, it's ok. I think I'm going to set the alarm for 15 minutes later for a bit and see how that works out. I did eliminate the 5-7 minutes I've been standing at the door waiting for them to open the gym. And I was still the first person in the pool so I got my favorite lane.

I got my revised cable bill yesterday. Turns out, I saved enough to pay for my internet bill. I saw an ad yesterday for my cable company (the little, local-ish one). I went through and 'hid' the channels I no longer get. I had no idea what most of those channels even were. I'll be dropping a boatload more after baseball season. I think I'll be able to cut my current smaller bill in half. Nice.

Yesterday was bill day for some reason. I got the car tax bill, the car insurance bill, the internet bill and cable tv bill and my Audible membership renewal notice. All in one day. Very strange. BUT once they all get paid, I won't have to worry for a year (except the internet and cable TV).

I have to do a load of wash before I get to the sewing. The fabric I want to use needs washing first. I got an email yesterday on Ravelry asking me to make squares for a charity project in Mexico. They don't care what yarn I use, what pattern I use, whether it's knit or crochet and, most importantly, they only want squares. No sewing them together (which is the most horrible part). This is perfect for me. I'm making a sweater now but it's a pretty quick one and then I'm going to be susandennis square maker!

Yesterday's baseball game was amazing. It was THE most frustrating that I couldn't watch it. The radio is ok except no replay. If you miss what they are saying, you miss it. No go backs. I did record all the local news so I could see the fabulous finish. And I got TiVo to record today's pre-game show. If it all goes to shit today, it will absolutely have been the most fun season in decades. (Nearly two decades, actually, 2001 was fun, too.)

Next week, it starts getting hot. Like mid-80's hot. I have warned my air conditioner to get ready.

My neighbors across the street in the apartment building have a very cool cat tree that I want. It's one single tall scratching post with an inverted bowl at the top. Their cat loves that bowl and so would Zoey. But I can't find it anywhere and I can't even get a good photo of theirs. She still loves the cheap little brush/hammock/scratching post thing I got her not long ago but she's also now nearly scratch the posts ragged. I wish they made nicer looking cat furniture. I hate that shag carpet look.

Ok, time to get dressed and get this day going!
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