Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Two no swim days in 5?!!

I woke up at 5 and was awake enough to get up and go swim but I did not. I laid in bed and dozed on and off - mainly dreaming about swimming - until 7. I am proud that I get up and go swim a mile every day so not going 1 day or 2 in 5 feels very slackery. Which is ridiculous. I know that. But it does feel weird.

Last night's game was a god one. We played the Angels and they have this one guy - Mike Trout - how just flat out has his way with us. He hits home runs any time he wants to and leaps over the fence to prevent us from making home runs. He's very annoying. Last night, his at bat was the last of the night and our pitcher got him out on 3 strikes which was an incredibly satisfying way to end the game.

The video broadcast of today's game is on Facebook only so I'll be listening on the radio which is ok except no fast forwarding... I would be ok with the commercials if 1. they didn't turn the volume up to high for them and 2. they had more than 5. They play the same ones over and over and over and over again. ARUGH.

Oh well.

Today is house cleaner day. She sometimes comes early on days when there are home games because parking and traffic is easier but... I don't know if she will today or not. I have a load of stuff to take to Goodwill and I need groceries - like lunch stuff and dinner stuff. I could use a Costco run and might just get that out of the way and save other groceries for the weekend. And that would mean more walking which would be good. So a definite maybe.

It's really chilly out this morning and rainy. Kind of nice and definately good for errand running. Soon it will be too hot to handle so these cool days are precious.

I just got the notice for my car registration. We buy tabs here in Washington State which I'm guessing is the way a lot (most? all?) states do it now. About every 7 years you have to buy a new plate but the rest of the time you buy stickers. And, here in Washington State - at least in this county - you also get sticker shock. $225. For my tiny little car.

Oh and yesterday, I got a letter from the city that they will, indeed, be sending me a bill for $4k because I live near the water and they want me to pay for the new waterfront that will likely not be finished in my lifetime.

On the other side of this wild and crazy real estate is another condo went up for sale in this building. First one in several months. This particular one is one floor below mine and about 100 square feet bigger. It was listed at $725,000. Yep. 3 fucking quarters of a million dollars. And it went to pending in less than 5 days which means it likely went for asking or above. Holy shit can of bricks. I remember when the guys who originally lived there sold it. They had lived there for almost 10 years and were so thrilled to get $400,000 for it in 2005. Then the people selling it now bought it in 2011 for $335,000. Just unreal.

While having my own possession turn into such a goldmine is nice, what it really means practically is that 1. my taxes bill will just grow and grow and grow and 2. my very rich neighbors will have no qualms about voting in very expensive assessments that I will also get to pay. So, as long as I live here, I will not see any financial gain but it will cost me more and more every year to live here. Again... sigh.

Ok, now I have lingered over this entry long enough to understand the house cleaner isn't coming early today. ha. Guess I'll go get my errand running shit together for when she does get here.
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