Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Diamond Day

Tonight is one of my Diamond games. So I'm looking for cool and so far, so great. It's actually kind of chilly out there now and supposed to be cloudy this afternoon so that will keep it from getting too hot. The menu includes both Mongolian beef and General Tso's Chicken. Yum!!

I was thinking this morning about when my brother is here and what things we could do. He's not a huge baseball fan but because he never goes to games, he'd enjoy seeing one with me. The Mariners are out of town. We have a triple A team in Tacoma. They don't have a home game for when he's here. But... the Everett Aquasox - one of the Mariners' single A teams does! So I got us tickets today front row behind the batter. $18 each. And, yes, they call them Diamond Club seats which tickles me. Minor league baseball is really the best, most fun baseball there is. He'll enjoy it and so will I!

Plus, check out their logo. It has to be the best one in all of baseball.

The only downside is that the game is at 7 and there is pretty much bumper to bumper traffic between here and Everett from about 4 pm til 8. So we'll need to get creative. Find something fun to do that afternoon that is closer to Everett than to here.

I checked on the Robot this morning. Still marooned in his concrete square. I tried to discuss stuff with him but he only beeped. Sigh.

I have one sewing project cut out and ready to assemble except I ran out of fabric and had to order more. But, it's only the sleeves. I could do the rest. It's a warm and cozy long hoodie to wear to the pool in the mornings in the winter. I found the perfect fabric on sale. So while I won't need it for several months, I'm going to ahead and make it anyway. I also have plans to make a new summer cover with some scraps.

I've been waiting for new patterns to come out and they have except they are all sleeveless. I just don't do sleeveless. So I'm saving money there!

No nibbles on selling the TV. I think I'm just going to give it to the house cleaner if she wants it. She's got tons of family. I'll bet she knows someone who would want it.

The Amazon Discount at Whole Foods is finally making it to Seattle. So weird. As Amazon's mothership, we often get these things first but not this time. It starts tomorrow. I was able to sign up with my phone number so I can delete that Whole Foods app. I rarely even get near a Whole Foods so the whole thing is kind of moot anyway.

Amazon called me last night to ask if I was interested in a product feedback panel next week. I really was but, apparently, didn't meet the criteria. I'm guessing I am too old. Sigh. Their loss.

Time to get dressed and get going on this day!
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