Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I worked hard yesterday wrangling the TVs and the boxing and the wiring. Come dinner time I was starving but uninspired. So I took myself to 13 Coins. When I walked out of the building I was momentarily dismayed to discover the soccer team was playing a home game and the 'hood was packed with fans. I soldiered on figuring that if there was a huge wait I'd come up with a plan B. It was full but there was a place for me and it was delightful. I had pan fried oysters that were just absolutely perfect.

Then I came home and watched two episodes of The Good Fight and went to bed. I slept like a rock last night. And woke up totally refreshed this morning. My swim was excellent. I stopped by to say good morning to the parking lot robot and he wasn't there and the gates were locked. I hope he's not gone for good. Maybe he's just gone to Robot Church and he'll be back in the morning. Fingers crossed.

The new TV got me rethinking my TV content plan. My cable cost me $185 a month. So I started looking at the breakdown. Getting the station that carries baseball means I have to get three different packages that add up to $140. I dropped two other packages and HBO. HBO, through the cable company costs $18. Stand alone HBO is $15. $3 isn't that big a deal but I like the stand alone also because I can easily - online - cancel and get maybe Showtime for a month or so and reup any time.

Plus, come October, I can drop to basic cable for the winter. I must say that my cable company - a really small local-ish cable company - makes it very easy and pleasant to make changes to my account. It's truly the anti-Comcast. I'm not a cord cutter by any means. More of a cord nibbler.

The baseball game just got going. I have a teddy bear on the knitting needles today. No giant plans. Just a nice Sunday.
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