Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

These baseball players are nearly life size!!

So, yes, the TV arrived. In a HUGE box. It was guaranteed to come by noon and it arrived at 11:55. But the guy was really nice to roll it up to my door and then position it so that I could pull it into the living room. The box and packaging was really heavy and the TV itself is not too heavy or cumbersome for me to handle as long as I don't have to handle it much.

I had to put legs on it and then move it to the top of the credenza but done. Set up was easy peasy. I had Roku, Amazon Fire and TiVo attached to my other TV. I killed Amazon (I can get that stuff on both Roku and TiVo) and Roku (since it's built in). I plugged everything else in and turned it on. It found everything and updated its software and it was all set. The most difficult thing was figuring out how to turn the volume up. The remote is tiny and simple and, turns out, there's a tiny volume rocker on the side. But I had to look in the manual to find it.

So now it's all up and running and OMG is it huge. I mean really really really big. I'm watching the baseball game and the players are giants. Funny. But Oh how much easier is it to read the words. The sound is good. Oh the privacy remote thing only works with streaming stuff. Not with TiVo. I am soooooo glad I didn't pay $100 extra for that.

I do like the aquarium screen saver.

I still need to take the box and stuff to the dumpsters. I already put up the sign to sell the old one. I could move it into the bedroom but the bedroom TV is fine and it has a built in DVD player which I like so hopefully somebody will want to buy this 40 incher.

I'm happy with this TV.




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