Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

You're up, Murphy!

My new TV is coming via UPS today before noon. UPS would not give me an earliest possible delivery time. 'Maybe 7, maybe 10, I do not want to disappoint you.' I cannot believe they do not know when the driver starts deliveries but if they know, they wouldn't tell me. The pool does not open til 8. I would not be home til 9:30. The driver could likely get in without me (I think they even have a master key) and leave it in the package area on outside my door.

I thought about the stress of swimming knowing I could be missing the delivery and decided to skip the pool this morning. Murphy's law says that because of this, the delivery will be made at 11 am or later. Oh well. I'll be here waiting regardless.

I am sitting crosslegged on the bed and Zoey is cuddled up and purring between my legs and the laptop. I think she came in here to bitch about no breakfast yet but then forgot to keep up the bitching and fell asleep. A cat's life is tough.

Yesterday I reupped my CBS All Access so I could see season 2 of The Good Fight. I rarely ever re-watch anything. I mean maybe, possibly, an early episode of Friends if I really want just junk TV time. But otherwise, I'm not one to rewatch or reread or re-much of anything. Been there, done that. But, there are only 13 episodes of each season and I already hate thinking about the end of season 2. I haven't heard whether or not there will be a season 3. So I started season 1 again. And I'm so glad I did. What a perfectly delicious show.

Today, I really have no plans outside of TV set up and enjoy. The baseball game is at 1. And, since I'm not swimming, I really should get out and go take a walk. I might. Maybe. But, now I think I'm going to get up and get dressed and see what I can turn a couple of my house cleaner's fresh-from-the-chicken eggs into.
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