Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

shopping fail rewarded

I wanted a bigger TV with a better remote/input operation and I wanted that Roku remote that you can plug earbuds into - private listening.

I finally settled on TCL after spending a lot of time sussing out that their setup met all of my stringent criteria. (I pick cars by the colors and cup holders and I pick TVs by where the various ports are and how they handle input selection. Hey it works for me.)

TCL has two 55" C models which I did not realize. I just discovered that the one I ordered is the wrong one. FUCK!!! I ordered the one without the earbud remote. FUCK!! Ok. Yes, it's Amazon. To be fair to me Amazon's page is incorrect. It clearly states that the one I bought has the correct remote but I know it does not.

So. I can cancel the order, pay $100 more and order the other one and wait until the end of next week which is the soonest the other model will get here. FUCK!

The earbud remote thing is big because I can turn up the volume and hear better - particularly the British shows - and do so without sound bleeding into my neighbor's.

I did some investigation. Can I just get (or have Amazon get for me for free) the fancy remote and use it on the new TV? Nope, won't work. BUT, wait! Here's an idea. The private listening feature works with the phone app. BINGO! I can plug earbuds into my phone, fire up the Roku app and get the same thing as the fancy remote!!! And even better because no new hardware to clutter up my TV watching chair area.

I do think I'm going to bitch to Amazon about the webpage showing the wrong info. I will ask for a month of prime in lieu of returning the TV. We both win.

HA! I just got a spam call on my backup phone (non one has the number). I answered it out of curiosity and it was in Chinese! I feel classy.
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