Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Trigger pulled

I just bought a new TV. I have wanted one for a while. Almost bought one last year. This morning, I decided to do it. I crawled all over the internet to ensure what I thought I wanted was what I wanted and then I downloaded the manual to ensure it will do what I want it to do the way I want it to. And, then I found a refurbed one of the exact model on Amazon and I bought it.

I wanted bigger and I wanted better control of inputs and I really wanted that Roku earbuds in the remote trick. It will be here tomorrow. I already have the for sale flyer printed out for the garage here in the condo. I'm shooting for $150. If no bites, it's Goodwill's lucky day (assuming I can get it into the car). Now, hopefully, I can stop looking/shopping/conjuring on TV's for a year or two.

I went to see the parking lot robot today and got a selfie for instagram but also a better still shot. He was kind of gated in. With concrete barriers on three sides and while he wasn't moving, or talking to me we was blinking and beep beeping. There was a light flashing and a button with a red ring around it. So, of course, I pushed the button... and it was a phone call to someone who was there to fix trouble. I apologized profusely and the operator was really nice about it. This may be a daily required stop for me. I'm obsessed.


Today's project is to upfit my Gay Ally Pride t-shirt. The shoulders are way too big and the bottom is too snug. I have some tie die t-shirt knit that will be the perfect trim/fix. I need to get it wearable before June is over! Also I have about 20 minutes of finishing work for the knitting test. I need to post a couple of pix and then I'm done done. Yeah.

Also I think today I'm going to buy some CBS All Access for the Good Fight's Season 2. A month's worth will probably do it fine. Time to get to it but, one thing I want to get down for the record...

The tweets and other messages resulting from high profile suicides this week, are, once again, raising my IT'S MY LIFE/MY CHOICE hackles. I totally get that there are people who are ill and who would appreciate being saved. BUT that's not everyone. It's for sure not me. It's not at all inconceivable that I would take my own life. I don't plan on doing that today but if/when I no longer want to live and I'm still alive, it's my right, it's my choice and I appreciate the option. It's neither brave or cowardice and I absolutely for totally sure do NOT appreciate or want anyone else - anyone - stepping in to interfere with my decision in any way. Spread the word, k?

Also living a great full life and then being done is not horrible or tragic in and of itself. There may be other reasons or factors but there is value in knowing when to hold 'em and knowing when to fold 'em.
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