Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My two lesbian ants

Ok, This is my find of the day... The instagram account of My Two Lesbian Ants plus her latest entry.

It's actually my second find. My first one was not even virtual!! They have blocked off a giant section of my usual route home from the pool. Today, my second choice was clogged with cars so I went to my third choice. And I found a ROBOT!!!!! I passed by this parking lot. It's in a kind of industrial-y section that is slowly being gentrified. I think the parking lot is used mainly for corporate shuttle busses. As I drove by I spied this robot and then saw him move. I turned right around and went to meet him.

He said Good Morning and asked me how I was and then told me he was ready for coffee. I shit you not. I did not get a good video because I was too busy talking to him and watching him. I am absolutely going back. He's my new friend!

And the day gets better. I'm off this morning for brunch at Salish Lodge. My friend, Frank, loves to brunch for his birthday. Last year we went to Salish Lodge and he liked it enough to pick it again this year. It's really lovely and only about a 30 minute drive from here. Frank has been enjoying a sabbatical for the past year and a half but will be going back to work soon so this will likely be our last mid-week daytime adventure. I've enjoyed his sabbatical a lot!

The baseball game today is being played in Florida so airs here at 4 pm. I so enjoy east coast games - at least time wize.

It's nice and cool and cloudy. We don't have many of these days left. Soon it will be hot with the sun's mean glare. So I'm enjoying what I've got now.
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