Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I went to the pot store today. It's such a nice place. I told the woman who waited on me that I needed a chill pill. Something that will bring out the best me. I told her smoking was out and I wasn't big on the candy, gum and eating stuff. She allowed as how that left pills, spray and body rubs... Pills take the longest to kick in - an hour - but last longer. Spray under the tongue is immediate. I picked that. Specifically Turn On Happiest Self. I didn't try it. I'm saving it for the next time people piss me off. Should have to wait too long.


Pot shops are such fun. And the people who work there are just nice.

Then on to Grocery Outlet where this very young cashier girl was just as kind and gentle and sweet to two homeless guys as she could possibly be. She helped them save some cash on their purchases and, at the same time, went out of her way to show them respect and they reflected that right back. It was very cool to see.

I also stopped at Cash and Carry. I wanted to find small cardboard trays (like the kind french fries come in but way smaller). They had exactly what I wanted and the size was perfect. $4.50 for 250. Amazon wanted $15.00. Sorry, A. You totally lose this one.

I've spent the rest of the day piddling around here doing this and that and nothing important or even very interesting. The weather continues to be lovely. Right this minute my thermometer says it's 71 outside and 73 inside. Fine by me. Baseball starts in an hour.
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