Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Same same same... glorious same

Today's a regular day - my favorite kind. Sewing projects, knitting projects, baseball at 5. I even have dinner already done. I made a great baked chicken dinner last night and, really, accidently made twice as much as I could eat. So tonight's the other half.

Oh and the breakfast burritos I made yesterday are perfection! I make them mostly the same every time but there's always variances. Thin layer of butter, cheese, capers, eggs scrambled with a little cream, salt and pepper. Last time I had too much cheese and I tried a couple of different kinds and the capers were too big. This time regular little capers and sharp cheddar and not too much. Perfect. And even gooder news is that I made 8. Usually I make 4 or 5 but I got ambitious yesterday.

The 3 ingredient oatmeal, banana, chocolate cookies were pretty much a fail, however.

The automatic shades have been acting up lately. They wouldn't respond to the app or I'd issue the command to lower them all and 2 of the 4 would go down. I tried a bunch of different things and finally, on Reddit, I read where someone moved his hub and got good results. So that's what I did and it did nothing. That was Sunday. Yesterday, when I tried Sun (that's the command to lower the two on the left and the one over the door 3/4ths the way down), it worked the first time. And this morning, the app recognizes all four with strong signal indicators! Looks like the new hub location just needed time to prove itself.

Also on Reddit, I read that the Pixelbook (my every day computer) has enough of whatever is needed to 'hold' the pen in place. ???? Turns out it does!!! So that sucker just hangs there until I need it. Honestly, I don't use it that often but when knitting from a PDF pattern it is perfection to mark the rows off as I go. Having the pen just magically hanging there is the definition of handy.

Spotify has finally figured out what I like and is now giving me a daily playlist. And, of course, it's spot on. A lovely mix of stuff I've heard and stuff I've never heard but like a lot.

I have some errands to do this morning so I think I'll get organized and go get them done.
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