Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

MaryJane and Ben and Jerry - those are my peeps

I had some spray THC on hand which I used last night to try and calm me the fuck down. That and the Ben and Jerry's almost worked. I think stronger/different THC would be more helpful. Time to go visit my favorite pot shop. I don't often get so pissed off and stressed out and I totally hate it. I hate the way it makes me feel and I hate the way it makes me act.

I did send the building manager an apology email this morning. I don't need to take out my dislike of all people on him. He's a nice guy who just isn't that bright. He can't help it. And my being bitchy to him certainly won't help him or me.

When I'm in the house with just me, my chances of being a kind and thoughtful and respectful human - the kind of person I want to be - go up. Plus the chances of people pissing me off (at least face to face) go down.

Anyway. Today I am not staying in the house. I never got out yesterday or at least got far. Today, I am going to Daiso and Uwajimaya for absolute sure. I'm going to finish off my Mariners top and then put my walking shoes on and go out the door. I'm recharging my tracking watch right now.

There's a ballgame this evening. It's in Texas so 5 pm here which is nicer than the usual 7 pm.

This is a week of xx years ago. Bobby Kennedy's assassination. I thinking at the time that the end of the world was next. It was such a horrible horribly bleak time. Plus I was an adult but still too young to understand the history of This Too Shall Pass.

29 years ago was the Tiananmen Square Massacre in Beijing. I remember that so vividly not because of some moral outrage of international proportions, but because it was my first night ever on the West Coast. I was in a hotel in Las Gatos, CA the weekend before I started my new job at the IBM Santa Teresa lab. I was 40 years old and had never been farther west than Denver. I was dazzled. I saw an olive tree for the first time in downtown Las Gatos and picked an olive off the ground and tasted it. Pro tip: You only need to do that once. I got back to my hotel room and turned on the TV and saw the guy in front of the tank. Everything around me and on TV just seemed unreal.

Ok, enough navel gazing. Time to get going and get things done.
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