Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Frieda Failure

The Mariners have lost two in a row. I used a favorite fabric to make a new shirt pattern yesterday and it was a total failure. I finally got the crochet top I've been working on to a point where I could see if it was going to work or not. Turns out, not.

I used to have a friend who would say that she was having a Chemical Day - everything she touched turned to shit. That's kind of how I feel.

BUT... maybe I can salvage the sewing so I can still have a top out of that fabric. The crochet pieces can probably be used in another project.

The Mariners... I get stressed when they win. Losing feels comfortable.

I have a new knitting pattern to do. The designer wanted testers and I said I'd do it. I'm going to try my idea for salvaging the shirt this morning. And the Mariners play again tonight. Onward.

I've lost the lid to my coffee mug. I lost it because using it kept the coffee too hot to drink for too long so maybe I don't need it but still. Annoying.

Zoey did not come screeching at me this morning demanding food. She just politely sauntered in and settled into her living room hammock without even checking her bowl. hmmmm

Nothing special planned for today. Just the regular Nice Day At SDHQ with, hopefully, a few less fails.
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