Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Spotify knows my spot

I've always heard about Spotify's weekly playlists curated just for you. There's a Daily Mix that when I click on it, it keeps saying I hadn't listened enough for them. BUT today in my library, I found two playlists Just For Susandennis! One is Discover Weekly and the other is Release Radar. I'm listening to Discover Weekly now and they nailed it. They get me. Fun.

My cell service is Project Fi. I pay for data. If I use less, I pay less. So I'm too cheap to use my phone as a car radio. Except Spotify lets me download and then run in offline mode. Also I use offline mode on my swim player to save battery.

The only downside is that all the music is cutting into my podcast time.

Zoey lived through her vet visit. Although she might try to argue that. She complained loudly and constantly all the way to the vet and all the way home. Holy crap, you'd think she was being tortured. They got blood and urine out of her and are running $110 worth of 'senior panel' tests for all kinds of things. Neither the vet nor the technician were able to find anything else - poking prodding, looking. She was bright and perky and sat still when they needed her to. We should hear the Senior panel results in 12 or 3 days. They guided me into hoping for thyroid issues and hoping it's not a kidney problem. So that's what we're doing now.

She is happy to be home and I'd say chances of getting her back into that carrier anytime soon are absolutely non existent.
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