Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Papa Murphy's makes the best pizza. $5 and easily 3 meals. The first one is always the best but leftovers are good, too. Thanks, Papa.

I made another batch of breakfast tacos today. I love having a full breakfast all ready and delicious before my Keurig even finishes making the coffee. I've now got 5 of them loaded.

All day was the clank clank clank of metal on asphalt. They are setting up the football stadium parking lot for the giant music festival that is this weekend. They had the first one last year and it was a hit so their back. It takes over the neighborhood and last year I thought I'd be shanghaied but turns out since I'm a morning person and all the music is in the afternoon, evening and dead of night, we barely crossed paths. And the speakers for the parking lot venues were turned away from here so it wasn't even that noisy. I'm hoping for the same this year.

I'm back to worried about Zoey. She's eating maniacally again. She has never ending dry food which she does eat but now she wants wet food 6 times a day. And it's like she's desperate for it. At least she's not Not eating. Otherwise, she seems perky and fine. Maybe a little more affectionate than usual but fine. It's all probably just my imagination.

And finally, my ice maker. It started moaning like old men having sex. I gave it a good cleaning and the moaning stopped but then it came back and developed more of a screech. I finally sent an email to the company today. I'm sure nothing can be done. I just hope it's not the beginning of the end.

I have one shipping box that needs to go to the dumpster and I was going to take it down there but my tracker chimed in and told me I'd reached my goal. Ok, then. I'll take it down tomorrow. Yes, the smart move would be to adjust the goal upward. And maybe I will... tomorrow.
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