Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mondays that are really Tuesdays

Most of yesterday was spent at the ballpark. It was chilly in the shade but unlike the weather forecasts, the game itself was cloudless and the sun was relentless... not to mention Africa hot. I'm really dreading the day games in July and August.

Texas got a run early on and then no runs for either team for many innings so just hot outs. Erica's parents were my age and nice and not overly friendly. Two Japanese guys were on my right. They were nice but spoke no English. The one sitting next to me, however, gave me several fist bumps at various appropriate times.

I wore the Mariners shirt I made last week. I got tons of compliments on it. There are two couples who usually sit near me in the dining room. What Mariner shirt I will wear has turned into a thing with them. It's actually fun. At Friday's game, they are giving away Mariner PJ bottoms. I hope they are made of regular cotton (instead of like flannel or something heavy). I've already got ideas on how to make a new shirt using the PJ bottom fabric.

After three days of sleeping in, I had no problem going to sleep last night - sitting in the hot sun is exhausting - and so no problem getting up this morning which was nice.

I have two returns for Amazon. One has to go to a UPS store (I clicked the wrong thing) and one goes to the Amazon pick up place down the street here. This one would cost me $6 to return OR I could just drop it off. There's a UPS store in West Seattle next to a Papa Murphy's and the Amazon drop off spot is on the way home from there so... that's the plan for errands at mid day today and dinner tonight.

Tomorrow is house cleaner day but there's really nothing that needs to be done. Everything's pretty tidy ad ready.
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