Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I won... twice!!

I had planned an afternoon of TV but ended up in tech wars. First my new watch wouldn't sync - again. I'm still wondering if the beta operating system is causing issues. BUT, I was able to put together some effective troubleshooting steps and once I gathered my clues, I figured out I could attach it to the Windows PC and, sure enough, the watch system needed and update. Updated and all was cool.

That was one hour. Then I killed 30 minutes creating the perfect watch face. This guy built a watch face with so many different ways to configure it that I had a great time and got exactly what I wanted. He had good instructions that ended with a gentle request for funds. So I sent him $10. I hope he's as delighted as I was in his software.

Then the blinds weren't working like they should. I had thought it was Alexa not sending the correct signals but then I figured out the blinds weren't getting the signal from the hub. This little glitch took 2 hours to noodle out. I'm still not sure how or why it broke and I'm not entirely sure of the path to fix but I did manage to get them all working again and Alexa back in charge.

The app that runs the blinds absolutely balks at the beta system on my phone my tablets are hospitable environments.

All is fixed now and I did manage to work in one episode of Killing Eve. I've got nothing on the books for tomorrow so maybe TV then.
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