Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tracker Report

I ordered the wrong color. Doh. But, it's Amazon, godlove'em, so now I've ordered the right color and I'll send this one back when it gets here. Vivoactive 3. I like it.

I had a terrible time getting it set up and I'm not sure why. At first I thought it was because in my haste I hit the wrong button at the wrong time and it got half way done and then couldn't finish. Then I remembered the beta o/s I'm running. ooops. Maybe it does not like Android P. So I installed it on my backup/old phone and that worked but not a long term solution.

I kept fiddling with it. Uninstalling/reinstalling and finally I decided between the fact that it was the wrong color and not happy with my phone, I'd just abandon project. After I tried it one more time. And, sure enough, that last time, it worked. Once I got the phone and the watch talking, the rest was gravy.

And pretty sweet gravy, actually. It does things a little differently than what I had and the different is nicer different. It's not a great deal smaller but I can't feel it. The band is smaller and I think the round may help it feel less like a brick on my wrist.

I also have a new swimsuit for tomorrow's swim. Good day.
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