Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Usge...

I was not interested in getting up this morning. Not at all but I am always not interested in decision making at that hour so I get up and don't think about it. And, while I'm usually not adverse to getting up that early, I never ever ever regret it once I'm in the pool.

That paragraph is a great example of fairly coherent but really convoluted sentence structure. Dear 7th grade teacher, You said I'd use the sentence architecture you were teaching me, for the rest of my life and you were right. And yes, I am sorry I didn't pay more attention.

A truck of chicken feathers turned over and spilled on the interstate highway not far from here this morning. Why the hell is there even a truck load of chicken feathers??? Turns out, thankyougoogle, they are used in paper production and we've got a fair amount of that still left around here. So that's my something new learned today.

Last Fall, I pulled out all the Summer shirts in my closet and folded each very carefully and stacked them in the far corner. Several weeks ago, I pulled out the two stacks and now, every day, I blindly grab the one on top.

All the shirts in the stacks were made by me using patterns and skills that were not yet honed to what I have today. My expectations are low. In fact, I toyed with the idea of just putting both the stacks into the Goodwill bag and making all new ones. But, I decided to wear them all for at least a day first.

So far I've been delighted and impressed and picked not one single one for the Goodwill bag. Today's is one I made of scraps. The originals were failures and this was made from the pieces left over. And, it's delightful. I wish I'd made the neck a little bigger but, hey, learning.

I've got sewing projects stacking up. At least in my brain anyway. I have the new Mariner shirt that is cut out and waiting for assembly. I want to make a new purse. I'm ready to add a swimsuit to my rotation.

Last night's Mariner game went into extra innings ... again. (Which is why getting up this morning was not as much fun.) But, they also managed to win again so worth it.

Last night's Taylor Swift concert was interesting. The crowd was huge but very well behaved (old people??). People filled the sidewalks and giant tracker trailer trucks filled the parking lot and tribes of porta potties lined the block.

This morning, the ONLY thing left is the porta potties. When I pulled out of my garage this morning at 4:45, the last tracker trailer truck was leaving headed out to the highway. What a life that must be.

Ok, time to get up and get going. Also load 1 of 2 is ready to move from washer to dryer.
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