Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Well, that sucks

Across the street from me is an office building that is leased for offices by Capital One. When they moved in about a decade ago, they put a Capital One ATM in the lobby. It's one of the many handy things about my Capital One accounts. Until today.

I went to walk around the block and thought I'd just get myself some cash while I was out and the machine is gone. Gone. As in not there. At All. FUCK.

The next closest ATM charges me $3. I generally take out $400 so the fee is a small percentage but a giant annoyance on principle. I do have a credit union account and there is an office right by the pool. I should check and see if that ATM is available 24 hours. That's a possibilty.

Still now I'll have to plan and think about it and grrrrrrrrr.
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