Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A/C day...

It got warm in here while I was cutting out the sewing project. I took at peek at the weather forecast and declared that today was the day to set up the air conditioner. It looks like we're going to have several very warm days in a row. I want to be ready.

So... I did the first ever set up of the new A/C and I'm very happy. It's way more simple to do and the profile is way nicer - cleaner and sleeker looking. Here's what it looked like in previous years with the cat door next to year with the swim noodle.

I had the door closed for a while during set up so I could check stuff and it got really hot in here. So I opened the door back up and turned on the air conditioner. In less than 5 minutes it went from 83 degrees to 78 degrees. SWEET!!! I turned it off and it took less than 5 minutes to get back up to 83. Hmmmm Maybe it really is hot in here! I love seeing the current temp and having all the controls on my phone.

Edit: A/C off now and I just realized I have on a long sleeved shirt - could be contributing to heat ... doh.
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