Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Too much baseball?

Yesterday's game got rained out. Get a roof, people! So today they are playing 2. The first game starts at 1 pm my time which means the second game will end, likely about 8 or 9 my time. Baseball overkill. But, I will still probably watch most, if not all of it.

The pool was populated this morning. People I have not seen before. Interesting and fun. I made a quick stop at Trader Joe's and then headed towards a yard sale. The neighborhood where the pool lives has a giant bascillion house yard sale every year. They really do it right. They make this big map of all the sales that is even searchable. I found a place that advertised sewing stuff and fabric.

Last week, one of my LJ friends wrote about having her introvertedness challenged by staying at an AirBnB where it was clear she was expected to be chummy with her host. I don't really think of myself as in introvert or extravert. But in this case, I'm happy to spend more $ to stay at a hotel when I don't have to be friendly. I think it's that switch that got flipped when I got to the garage sale. It was one woman sitting at a table surrounded by her stuff -I drove on by. I have enough stuff and Amazon if I need more. I love a bargain but gimme Goodwill or a thrift store. No someone's front lawn.

So home and breakfasted and considering cutting out some fabric from a new pattern. The dirty clothes hamper is pretty full. And I still need to make a pompom for dangling off Zoey's new lounge plus fix that fabric under the hammock. But... it's now 11 am and I'm still working on my coffee.

My sparkly nail polish is holding up so far and I'm really enjoying it. I love my fingers today!
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