Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mid day report

It's been decades since I've shopped for nail polish. I was under the impression that drugs stores had tons and tons of the stuff. Turns out, not as much as I thought. But I found what I wanted.

This is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. On the left is two coats, no top coat. They had fancy top coats in addition to plain so I got fancy. That's the right hand shot. SPARKLES!!!!


It went on easily. I did left hand to finish, then the right. 1 color coat, 5 mins, 2nd color coat, 5 mins, sparkle coat. Alexa helped with the timing.

Now to see how many swims it can handle. I suspect one, maybe two. I hope a week's worth or more.

My hands are all dry now and really want some hand lotion but I think I'll give the polish an hour or so to settle in before I go greasing up my hands.

Twice recently I've gotten rude comments from people (or the same person). I check their account and see that they joined LJ the same day as the first comment. I let one comment go, but with the second, I banned 'em. Boy, banning used to be easier but I finally found it.

So, if you are this person or one of them and are reading this, please understand that this is my journal. I'm delighted with constructive criticism. I'm ok with friendly snark. But, mean, stupid, disrespectful, and/or just idiotic is not welcome. And that's why you can't comment here any more.

I think I'll go down and jigsaw for a few.
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