Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Can't I at least get sales??

All my mothers - my grandmothers and my birth mother, even my one cousin's mother, are now long dead. I never had any children (thankyoujeasus) so Mother's Day offers me little to nothing. I sure can't go to brunch on the day.

In the past, there were some very excellent Mother's Day sales but this year, not so much. And I think that's not fair. Sales are very inclusive. Nobody is ever left out. So why are they so lame or not at all this year?

Not fair.

But way beyond fair was last night. I went to my favorite French restaurant - Luc - with ljtourist and it was so delicious. It's a tiny, cozy place. I look at a menu and first of all, mentally mark an x through those things that I don't like or just don't sound good and then focus on what sounds amazing. The menu at Luc's does not have a single thing on the menu that does not sound amazing and, I know from experience, that it all tastes as amazing as it sounds. Last night was chilled asparagus soup which was omg creamy delicious (and I'm not even an asparagus fan!) and beef bourguignon - half of which is in my fridge right now waiting for dinner tonight.

Then we went to the hot and trendy new ice cream place which was frenetic and loud with a long line but the ice cream was pretty amazing.

But today I have a wild night hangover. I did get up and go swimming but now I'm having what my mother would have called a sinking spell. Maybe today might be a good day to practice my day sleeping. I don't have anything that has to be done or anyone I've promised anything to. So why not?
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