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I bought the towel service. Turns out the handsome manager was wrong yesterday and the $120 is for the life of the membership, not a year. There is also a $10 a month option but giving a gym monthly access to my credit card just seems like a risk I'd rather not enjoy. So I went for the $120*. I'm now toweled.

(*The last time I turned down a monthly gym payment and paid the lump sum instead, I got burned badly - I paid for a year at the gym with the pool I couldn't use. I got a good 1.5 months for my year's payment. I'm sure hoping I get more than 1.5 months worth of towels for my $$.)

Yesterday I was wallowing in the cash from my first of the month income. Today thanks for the car and towels, I'm no longer wallowing. There's enough for fun but not wild, stupid fun. Oh well, maybe in June.

The check engine light is clearly on a blinker. It was off when I left the car place and went to Grocery Outlet. It was on when I left Grocery Outlet. It was off this morning on the way to the gym and off again on the way home. I need to remember to record its behavior and to record it. I think it's time for analog. A notebook and a pen on the dash for recording and reminding.

So far, my beta test of the new Android is going fine. There are a couple of great new features. My phone (Pixel) has this great trick. When it's off, it still gives me valuable info. Right now, it's sitting on the table here and off. But I can see the time, the day/date AND notifications, which I love. But now, with this new update, it also shows me the percentage of battery left. Very handy. (But the most fun thing - not new - is that it also shows me the song title and artist of whatever music it hears. All of this info is right here without my having to touch the phone.

I'm sucked into Instagram pretty severely. I follow a wide range of people with various agendas. Wallabies, sewing, swimming, yarn crafting, to name a few. All of the groups/agendas share one annoyance - a fondness for inspirational/stupid/funny quotes on t-shirts. The sewing and yarn people are the worst. The swimming people are next. The only group free from this way too often repeated cliche are those who's entries revolve around their pet wallabies. Love the wallaby people. And the guy who rescues elderly dogs, cats, chickens and a pig.

Also I'm amused by how much of a sewing snob I am. When I look at fabric, I find myself drawn to about 10% tops (which is a good thing, wallet wize) and always think Who The Fuck Would Waste Their Time And Energy Sewing Up That Crap, Much Less Pay For It???? Turns out, I found them all on Instagram! Geesh.

On the other hand, I also get a whole lot of ideas, tips and tricks about fabric and how to manipulate it into cool clothes on Instagram so wheat/shaft, etc.

Last night, one of our pitchers, one who's been kind of a goldilocks - when he's good, he's really good and when he's bad (which is too often), he's horrid - pitched a no hitter. He was ok in the first half of the game but fucking perfectly brilliant in the last half. It was fun to watch. And, when it was done, he had to greatest look on his face like 'really? I just did that? really? cool!'. He's Canadian and forcefully Canadian. He has a giant Maple leaf covering his forearm. He has a cheering section - called the Maple Grove - that shouts "eh eh eh eh eh". And he pitched last night's no hitter in Toronto - Canada's only baseball town. It was really baseball at it's very funnest.

Ok, time to get on with my day which is pretty wide open. I'm not sure what will happen but I'm pretty sure it will happen right now!
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