Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Monday options

Zoey is curled up in the hammock part of her lounge toy. I think part of the appeal is that I moved it and now she can nap and still keep an eye on me with minimal effort. I do need to fix the underside. I did a sloppy job the first time and I need to tack it all down better but I have to wait until she's out of it. Which may be a while.

I think today will be a sewing day. I'm running out of test fabric - those jersey sheets I pick up at Goodwill. There haven't been any in a while. I hate using the good stuff on a pattern I've never tried before. Today I'll be using some cheap stuff I picked up at Walmart a long time ago. Maybe it's time to revisit Walmart and see if they have any new cheap stuff.

Also today is the homeowners association board meeting. Tomorrow is take the car in for maintenance day. I don't know yet whether or not I'll hang out at the Mercedes place til it's done or have them take me home and then come get me again. Both options have their good points and bad. I'll like just take my big tablet and roll with whatever happens.

So, today, I want to get stuff done. Or not. My swim this morning was too slow (according to the tracker) so I need to hit the streets for a longer than just around the block walk. But, first, I think I'll get dressed and get the day started.
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