Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Why is this so satisfying??

Zoey has favored the new grooming brush thing I got her since I first put it down. She loves the brush and lies all over it a lot of the time. But no scratching on the posts and she didn't seem to notice that there was a top layer. Last week, I put three of her favorite treats in the hammock. They sat there for days and days.

Today she found them and has been lounging in the hammock most of the day. She gets down and does stuff and the gets back up. She's even used the scratching posts. I haven't seen her play with the hanging ball yet but I also need to swap that out for a yarn pompom so no biggie.

I did not spend a bundle on this thing and bought it with the idea that she wouldn't touch it and I could toss it out (to Goodwill) and finally get that grooming brush out of the living room.

But now I'm captivated that she's taken to it. It will probably fall apart in a couple of weeks. Oh well.

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