Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

New cam home and outfit

I sewed up the new top and it was a fail. Happily all I wasted was a $2 sheet and even that will now be squares for my next patchworked whatever. Then I went for a walk and hit the front of Century Link Field just as the Sounders brass band started their pregame concert. It was great fun to watch. I didn't get a great video because, turns out, I can't video and rock out at the same time. Too old, I guess.

Then I rescued the litter out of the car, worked on the puzzle and came back home. I found a new place for the Nest Cam (the one you get when you type in I like this angle best. But, the naked camera on the wall wasn't doing it for me.

So I made it an outfit.


I built in some wiggle room for changing the view a little. I'm pretty pleased with myself. I put away all the stuff from those projects and printed out another new pattern to try. Tomorrow. Maybe.

Now it's time for some TV and crochet before dinner and ballgame.
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