Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I slept really hard last night. And kind of late (for me). I woke up with no word from my brother so I sent him an email asking and, turns out, he's better. Better enough to maybe go home from the hospital. He texted me a picture of his most delicious looking hospital breakfast.

There was no one at the pool. I had it to myself for an hour. When I was leaving the gym one of my favorite regulars was coming in - he can't see well but he knows my voice so when I told him good morning and that the pool was ready for him, he cheerfully allowed he was taking the second shift. I also ran into another regular that I hadn't seen in more than a year. I used to see him at both this LA Fitness and the one in Ballard. I had wondered what had happened to him. Glad to know he's looking fine. I haven't seen the friendly hunk or Enzio Penza in months. The gym is a fine place for ghosting.

I made a quick stop at the QFC on the corner for litter. I'm now hooked on their store brand of lightweight but not all of their stores carry it, I have discovered. So I got two.

My shot yesterday has made my arm sore but not horribly. Actually less than the original shingles shot did. It did not interfere with my swimming at all but I'd have some harsh words for you if you punched me in the shoulder. Well, actually, if you punch me in either shoulder, I probably would not react well. But, anyway... I think it will be fine by tomorrow. Glad I did it. Oh and so far, it's working great. No shingles!

Today I really need to get out and walk. The weather is perfect - not too hot, not too cold. There is a soccer game so the 'hood will be full of fun people. I left the litter in the car on purpose so I'd have to leave the house to go get it anyway. I think I'll sew a little and then go down and do some jigsaw, spin around the block a time or two and then bring the litter up here. Baseball at 6:30. A nice Saturday looms.
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