Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

2 chess, 1 pecan and a peach

I found the pie place. It's a weird place that is either going to set the world on fire because the pies are so good, or be gone before Summer. Hard to tell which. I haven't tasted them yet. I think it's going to be peach cobbler after dinner tonight. They have regular sized pies, what I would call regular sized tarts and tiny tarts. I got the regular sized tarts.

Before pie, there was the shingles shot. I almost decided against it many times but finally got to the needle part and I was all in. It's a two shot deal and, reading the literature, it sounds like you should already have had the old (live) shingles vaccine before you get this one. The pharmacist was very cool and very bullish on this vaccine. You have to wait 2-6 months for part deux. He suggested that I get it when I go in for my flu shot. Brilliant plan and one I'll remember.

I almost nearly went up to the fabric shop that is closing. Not even close to on the way to anywhere or on the way home but everything is 40% off. I didn't find much when everything was 10% off so at the red light, I convinced myself that I'd just buy stuff I don't really want. And came home.

All the laundry is done and put away and the bed has a fresh outfit. I never got to the sewing room but, hey, it will still be there tomorrow. The puzzle is coming along at a very nice pace - not too fast, not too slow.


I have not heard anything from my brother. If I were on facebook, my sister-in-law would keep me up to date but she doesn't do any communication unless it's via facebook and I don't do facebook. So... I can just hope that I get the 'I'm fine all's good' email from him soon.
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