Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The other shoe

Turns out the lab at my clinic released all the tests results at the same time but only sent some of them directly to me. All of them did go directly to my doctor and this afternoon he forwarded all of them to me. At least I got the one I was worried about.

My cholesterol numbers are just a leeeeetle on the not good side. The HDL - good stuff - was up a little from last year. Yeah! But so was the bad and the triglycerides.

So cute doctor will get to tell me to stop eating all the good stuff and start eating all the ugh stuff and exercise more - oh and lose some weight, k?

So... no need for any more pee and no calendar info on dying. Don't tell the cute doctor I did take advantage of the Ben & Jerry's sale today. So don't look for over night changes.

Ballgame tonight and some yarn work. Nice day.
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