Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ben & Jerry, Meet me at Krispy Kreme!!!

I just got my test results back... I'm good for another year. Nothing out of range and, particularly, glucose... it's highish but just under the bar. AND lower than last year! whohooo!!!!

I think I'm going to celebrate with a little Chunky Monkey.

But, really - a little Louis C.K. here - how amazing is it that I get the results of my tests less than 4 hours after taking them????? How amazing is it that I get my tests... in such detail! With last year and the year before that - 5 years worth - for comparison - right there for me to access any time I want. In my day, doctors gave you medical information in terms like "you're fine" or "is your husband with you" (while looking at my chart that clearly designated I was single).

The good old days were not. I love living in the future. Sugar me up, baby!!
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