Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Just a pin cushion, I am

I packed up my backup pee* and headed for the pool this morning. Lately, every single day - weekends included - I have been the only person swimming for sometimes 30 minutes. Today all three lanes had at least one person and often two for my entire swim. WTF? Karen swims Tuesdays and Thursdays but she wasn't in the mix this morning. As I was walking out, I ran into her stretching on the mats. We both were stumped by the invasion of swimmers.

Who are they and what are they doing in our pool? She thinks we need a sign that says 'check with Susan - center lane - before entering the pool'. It would really break up my swim but I'm willing to make the sacrifice.

I made it to the clinic. Drinking as much water as possible along the way. The blood sucking lady did no prep. No warming. She didn't even have me squeeze. She just picked an inner elbow and dug in. And rooted around and found squat. So... next arm. Same thing. It's like she figured once the needle was in, she'd find a vein somehow. Only she didn't. The funny thing was that she did not seem to be the least bit stressed about it. So needle out, bandage #2 on and she starts hunting around for another spot. I was going to complain if she looked like she was going for hands but, no, she stopped at the forearm and picked and spot and lo and behold, hit pay dirt! I'd never ever hand anyone even try on my forearm. The stick spot bruises aren't too bad.

I was able to pee enough (I hope) so that I didn't have to use my backup pee.

*Invariably, when required to produce urine, I am dry. So a few years ago, I started taking backup pee with me. I have a little jar that once held pimentos. I boil it and fill it up in the morning when there is plenty. Then I double bag it and take it with me. Just in case. Actually, I have only had to use it once. But, it's nice to have the insurance.

So now we wait. Happily, it won't be long. My doctor sends me the results via MyChart. Last year I think I had them before lunch.

Otherwise, the day is pretty much free. I need to see if I can fix that new swimsuit and maybe cut out something new. I have some patterns I want to try and some old sheets to try them with.

All my tablets are now doing just what I want them to do. The one I rooted yesterday is now snappy happy. It is perfect for backgammon and other mindless gameswhileIwatchTV. The new one has such a big screen that I can fire up the PDF with crochet instructions and set it on the ottoman and easily see it from there. Perfection.

I even dug out my old Kindle, charged it up and popped it into my purse and took it with me this morning. I used it to read while I waited and it turns out, I just like my phone better for book reading. Really. Phone or a bright tablet. The Kindle is just too onetrickpony to make carrying it anywhere worth it.

So... I just interrupted this entry to see if I could sell the Kindle on Amazon. I clicked the trade in button and it said I could trade it in for $50 plus 25% off a new Kindle. (I'm not interested in a new Kindle but thanks anyway.) So I clicked through and before I could even print out the return UPS label, I had a $50 gift card added to my account!! Ok. Thank you, Amazon! Very nice. I need to get that puppy packaged up and down for the UPS guy today. He comes at noon. I have time.

The USPS tells me they are bringing me something from my nephew (my brother's youngest who lies in Des Moines, Iowa) in the mail today. This is curious. Very curious.

Time to get dressed, dispose of the backup pee, pack up that Kindle and get this day started!
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