Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I've lost my tablet mind

I enjoy my Android tablets and have a bunch* but always seem to need/want more. I have a very functional Nexus 7 and found another online for dirt cheap so I bought it. But, discovered that it does not upgrade well. The new version on Android makes it so slow it's unusable.

This morning I rooted it so that I could install the old operating system on it. It was a really dicey proposition and I had no idea what I was doing. The recipe I was following was also old and there were more than a handful of weird messages. Finally it ended up in a state that looked like it was unrecoverable. I clicked on a few random things and one of them turned out to be Android Narcan because it not only sprang to life, it sprang with the operating system I was trying to install!

So it's working but who knows for how long.

I was on a giant cheap Amazon Fire kick for a while and once you get them set up the way you want and don't ask for much, they work pretty well. For instance, I have one of them ($30) installed above the sewing machine. I use it to watch videos and podcasts (audio and video) and it works great.

But, they are dogs when it comes to doing other simple things like surfing for stuff. And they hate Google.

So, yesterday I found and ordered up a 10" Lenovo tablet that was too cheap to believe. I figured it was a dud and I'd be sending it back. Minutes after I finished the above root, I got the text that the Lenovo was here.

Long story short, the Lenovo is VERY EXCELLENT! If anyone is needing a nice, large tablet right now and wants Android, this is an amazing deal. $170. Bit, pretty and really snappy. I can't send it back.

Hopefully, old tablet lady won't adopt the negative cache of old cat lady.

*So what the hell do you do with them all??? Well, in addition to watching stuff in the sewing room... I also have another one in there for displaying pattern instructions and looking up sewing stuff. I have one in the bedroom that I use to play games on while I listen to my audio books before I go to sleep every night. I have one (of the cheapo Amazon's) in the bathroom - not proud but it does come in handy. I have one in the kitchen for reference and when I want to keep instructions open. In the living room, I have one on the dining table that I use to read Kindle books and magazines while I eat. I have one by my chair with a continual backgammon game on it. And another one by my chair for knitting and crochet instructions. And when both of those are busy, there's a really old cheap Amazon one that I use cast the condo's next cams. Could I consolidate/share? Sure. But, I don't wanna.
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