Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Launch day

I actually have stuff happening this week. Not normal busy people stuff. But retired person who never does shit stuff. Not today. Today is rest up for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow is lab work. The stress of having enough pee to fill the cup. The stress of whether the blood person can find a vein somewhere that is not the back of my hand (cause they always miss and hit a OHMYGOD THAT HURTS spot). And then the stress of if this is the year my doctor wins and I finally cross that prediabetic line to Never Eat What You Want Again line.

On the up side, the lab opens at 6:30 so I can pop in on the way home from the pool and, thanks for the future, I'll have the results back by cocktail hour.

Wednesday is house cleaner day and Goodwill day and grocery day and library pick up day.

Thursday is my annual doctor checkup which, if the labs do NOT declare me a diabetic, will be a breeze. He'll sign my wellness forms so I can get Amazon gift cards from my stupid insurance programs - two of them 1 gives me $25 for the visit and the other gives me half of that. Health insurance in this country is just fucked up. Anyway... He'll tell me to lose a few pounds and we'll promise to see each other again next year. kiss kiss.

Thursday night is a Diamond Club baseball game. Looks like the weather is going to be perfect. I'm hoping to break my losing streak.

Friday is so far blank, calendar wise. I'll need the rest after all the previous days' excitement.

I wore my new swimsuit today and it was a fail. The fabric I used for the lining was bad. I kind of knew it at the time but thot I'd take a chance. While I was swimming in it this morning, I figured out that I could just cut the lining out. The suit would still work. It won't last as long but it will last longer than just throwing it out. I need to wait until it dries though for surgery.

I got a text from UPS while I was swimming that my sandals from Zappos won't be here today after all - they have been rescheduled for tomorrow. No biggie. Just now, I got a text from UPS that my sandals have been rescheduled and will be here today. Also no biggie.

Right now, I'm going over to the PC and root an old Nexus 7 tablet. I've never done an android root before. This thing is a brick as is so if I fuck it up, no biggie. Should be an interesting adventure.

I think it needs a little musical accompaniment. Alexa, can you help with that?
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