Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The fabric stacks from the bedroom are all put away and all the other stuff is moved around and I am beat! I put away all my winter shirts and pulled out all my short sleeved shirts and wow. I have a bunch. Some went into the Goodwill bag and others will but I want to wear them first to make sure.

I have two more big cleanup things to do. There is a set of cupboards out on the terrace that need to be gone through and culled. There are two sets. One is fine and other needs mostly to be emptied and donated. Then there is a very large, deep drawer that needs the same treatment.

But, not today. I beat and I have plenty of time another day. I do need to take a load down to the dumpster but after that, my ass is going to be glued to this chair. Well, maybe there will be a walk around the block but then... chair+ass+tv, baseball, yarn work.
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