Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Check, check, check

Checking stuff off the list.

More than a year ago, someone left one of those tacky brush groomer things down on the free shelf and without thinking, I brought it up here for Zoey who loved it. And I hated it. It just looked so junky.

Last weekend I had finally had enough and found a substitute online and it arrived today. I was not impressed with it either but it had potential. I thought the white brush thing was way too dicey for a black cat and the fur had to go.

So I grabbed my staple gun and some fabric and recovered it and then drilled holes to accommodate the bigger black brush and BINGO! Not so bad now. I did leave the gray fur ball. I will make a yellow and purple pompom and replace it, too.

She's now all settled in napping between the hanging ball and the brush.

I had a great visit with Barrie. It's fun to sit down with someone my own age once in a while and just spitball over some excellent eats. After our eats I made my way home via Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and Papa Murphy's. This latter was a real treat since now that they don't open until 11, I rarely get there any more and I do love their pizza. So that's what's for dinner.

My grand reorg plan failed by inches. I can't find a cheap shelving until narrow enough for what I need. Target and BB&B let me down. As Amazon had done before them. Oh well. I'll think of something.

I did finish a top I started yesterday. It looks cute.

Today's baseball game started about 30 minutes ago so time for me to fire up TiVo and start watching.
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