Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A plan...

I think I have a plan for the mandalas I've been crocheting. I think I'm going to make a fireplace cover for them. I have a piece of black felt up there now so I think I'm just going to cover it. Maybe. I need to do some measuring and adding onto them and then making a border and attaching but I think that's what I'm going to do.

I have enough yarn to make at least as many more but I really don't have a good use for more. The obvious use is a blanket or bedspread but it would be too fiddly to have on my bed and the only other bed is the one that Zoey lives on so cat hair city. The rest of the mandala yarn will have to go into teddy bears and other stuffed creatures.

I got the order sussed out this morning. Brenda - a really nice and efficient customer service rep - and I figured out that the word stretch was the problem. There ain't no stretch and never will be. So the hunt goes on and the fabric goes back.

As I suspected, Zoey is perfectly fine with the new light litter and the cleaned up kitty loo. Good thing because really it wasn't negotiable.

The wrinkles are pretty much all hung out of the drapes on my terrace and my shoulder is completely recovered from hanging them. nice.

The new music player I've been using for swimming can run various apps and so download and play from some music services. Of course it does not run Google music which is the only one I pay for so I've kind of ignored it. But, for some reason today, it dawned on me to see what Amazon Prime has to offer. Installed the app. Downloaded some songs. Playing them now. The process is kind of a PIA (the screen is the size of a postage stamp) so probably won't be doing it too much. Playing my own MP3's is way easier, I think. But, I loaded 'er up for tomorrow's swim. Nice to have the option.

Off now to the sewing room.
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