Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

this and that while I drink my coffee

Yesterday when I started swimming, my shoulder was kind of achey. I worried/wondered for about two laps until I remembered the curtain hanging that I did with that shoulder. Today it was much better. Whew. I finished my swim with lust for Jimmy Dean. Well, for his breakfast bowl which did not disappoint. And I remembered toast this time. It's really the perfect post swim weekend breakfast.

I have a new pattern to sew up today and the perfect fabric for it. Most of my sewing is with stretchy cotton knits because it's the most comfortable to wear (and the no ironing required is also endearing). But the world of retail fabrics is all woven - not stretchy. There are marvelous prints and bright fun colors widely available in woven fabrics. Fun knits that are mostly cotton are hard to come by. Thankgod for kids or there would be no fun knits at all! My fabric shop down the street always has 7 or 8 really fine knits in the most boring colors of all times.

When I find a fun fabric, I buy it with no clear thought about how I'm going to use it. And, so, I have a healthy stash of fun stuff but also some stuff that I really do wonder why I thought it was worthy. I have two such questionable pieces in my stash right now. I have had 2 plus yards of this one knit for a long time and today's new pattern is finally the perfect use for it. (I still have a yard and a little of another fabric that has no future... yet.)

Also today is afternoon baseball. There's a soccer game across the street at 1 which should keep the neighborhood lively for the afternoon.
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