Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Steam Relief

I just had the very most unpleasant conversation with Sandy, the president of the HOA. I sent her an email asking if she wanted the bed slats (she likes to make wood stuff). I told her that if I didn't hear by tomorrow morning, I'd put it in the dumpster so that she didn't even have to respond if she didn't want the stuff.

She called which annoyed me. (If it's important for you to call, how about a 'ok for phone' text?) She yammered on about some crap that did not involve me and I asked her if she wanted the wood. And she said 'I'll be right down.' I was just before putting dinner in the oven so I stopped and waited for her to show.

She got here and was talking about how she should come down and vacuum the carpet on my terrace. WTF?? I said that I was waiting until they did all the fixes. Plus I was perfectly capable of doing my own vacuuming.

The conversation deteriorated rapidly. She kept laughing and I was getting more and more insulted and finally I told her that I was really not happy being laughed a and she said she was laughing with and I said I wasn't laughing. Then she went on and on about how stressful the board president's job is. I know it is. I am grateful that she has the job. I have told her this a bacillion times. In a lot of different ways. Tonight she said that she was thinking about quitting and about moving.

I said I was sorry and she said she was sorry. And she turned heel and left. The whole thing was massively distasteful.

I'm sure we are no longer pals but I'm not sure she was someone I wanted to be pals with anyway. I still do appreciate all she has done for the building. And I still do wish I did not have a hole in my terrace ceiling with no control over how and win it gets fixed nor do I have any idea how old I'll be when it does get fixed.

I feel like she has thought it was 'old lady cute' of me to bitch about it and has had me on a 'take a number' schedule all while laughing about it when she sees me.

She feels like I have no appreciation for all she does and she needs laughter to reduce her stress and that I've been laughing with her.

Ugh. I thought writing it all out of make it feel better but it doesn't. I hate confrontation and discord. So much.


Ok, I do feel better. I cleaned up the terrace. I put the ladder (that has lived out there for the workers to use) away and vacuumed and cleaned off the furniture and arranged it. I'm moving on.

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