Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This old lady's still got it!

These pictures cannot explain how pleased I am with myself. My body may well be screaming tomorrow but right now I'm on an accomplishment high.

The wrinkles will hang out. NFW was I going to iron these things. But I got 'em up and they are long enough and I actually like that they aren't as full. Now maybe they won't blow over the rail when we get wind.  The left side are the pre washed/rehung and the right side are the wrinkled bt clean and long enough.

Job done.

IMG_20180417_193626.jpg IMG_20180420_154746.jpg
IMG_20180417_193614.jpg IMG_20180420_154753.jpg

I did discover while I was up on the ladder that yet another of my neighbors has moved out. And this one was my work at home buddy. He lived there for at least two maybe 3 years. And he was just there on Monday!  Bye bye...
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