Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Well, that turned out to be not much

I don't know what happened up at the park (with the student rally) or down at the exhibition center with the e-game crowd but here in the middle it was a quiet day except for helicopters. On the ground there were fewer people than usual.

I made one pair of pants and started another and printed out a pattern (that still needs to be taped together) and then, for some reason, I got focused on the damn terrace drapes again. So I dug condo ladder out of the closet next to the elevator and strapped on a dust mask and climbed up. Getting up high enough was challenging but doable-ish. I got the drapes down and they are washing/drying right now. Getting them back up is going to be the trick.

I did find my old bed stats which I clearly no longer need and a bunch of hardware left by the guys who installed my adjustable bed. In that box was the power backup which they just didn't install. The guy I hired to set up the replacement remote discovered it was missing and got a new one and installed it. It does not work - never has- and, his installing it is what turned out to fuck up the operation for six months. But, whatever. That store pissed me off enough to never go back anyway just on the sale alone.

Ok so. The first curtain came out of the dryer and I got it up on the ladder to check length (it's too long so I needed to know how much to fold it over). I figure that out and then thought I'd just try it. And damn if I didn't get it up!! It's perfectly wide enough and now has about 24" of fold over at the top so if it shrinks more, I'll just fold less. The curtain rod has circle rings to which little clips are attached so I clipped it back and all is good! It was hairy but I survived. Wonder if I can do two???? The second one is in the dryer now.

Stay tuned!!

There's enough city dust up there to choke perfect lungs. I wonder if I'm going to pay for this breathing wise... I did have a mask on which was not fun but, hopefully, gave me a little protection. I have the sneezes now which hopefully means it got stuck in my nose and not my lungs.

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