Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Typhoid Mary

I've now been to three Mariner games this year. They have won none of those games. Dots connected. I'm very used to it. I've been a Mariner fan for years but I feel badly about those who go thinking they might win. My next game is May 3. This is a warning.

But, the game was still fun. It was boardline chilly when the sun moved off of our seats about mid-game but that was better than boarderline warm. The attendance was sparse the two people to the left of me never showed and the three people to the right of me left mid-game so I had elbow room! And the scooter made the whole experience better.

This morning I was all set to go to Grocery Outlet until I remembered the high school gun march... Turns out all the high schools in and around Seattle are getting together at a park two blocks from here at 10 am. Then, an hour later is a e-tournament in the stadium exhibition center a block the other direction. I think I'll stay right here inside my house today thankyouverymuch. Or maybe a walk around the block but no way am I taking my car out again until tomorrow.

A couple of weeks ago, I wore new shoes and rubbed a hole in the top of my foot. Well, more like a divot. Anyway. I dug into my bandaid box and found a small one just the right size that said it was waterproof. I had two of them and no clue where they came from. I put one on and left it on for a week. Yes, VERY waterproof. I took it replaced it and left that one on for a week. I took it off this morning and there is no trace of the divot. None. Nexcare. I'm not kidding. These things are perfection in the bandaid (plaster) world.

Today I have pants to make and household chores. I have sewing to do and the other usual stuff. Plus TV and crocheting.

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