Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Play Ball!

Today is a Diamond Club baseball day. The game starts at 12:40 which means the Diamond Club opens at 10:40. The sun is out and promises to stay that way so today may be the inaugural game for my Mariners Sun Hat. I hate the glare but I also hate the heat. Looks like the latter might not be a problem today. Fingers crossed. The scooter is all charged up and ready to hit the road.

My Diamond Club tickets come with a reserved parking space in the garage. I will never use this but this year, I can sell the garage space! It's a bit of a hassle but, so far, I've sold my space for two games. I netted $30 for each. 20 games at $30 a pop turns out to be some decent coin so I'm happy to make the effort.

I'm totally unfocused this morning. I think it's because I'm starving but refuse to ruin my appetite for the Mariner spread to come. I think I'll get off my butt and go do some house things. I've got about an hour before time to go.
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