Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

done done and it's barely noon

My house cleaner has been bringing me food - sometimes a sandwich and sometimes little casseroles. Sometimes they are pretty good but mostly not my thing. But today, she brought me a dozen eggs from her chickens. Blue and brown and white and beautiful. I was so excited she decided she would start doing this every time. "You no buy eggs ever again, ok?" OK!!!

I didn't go to Goodwill. I needed gas and a car wash so I went to Costco and got gas and a car wash and then thought... hmmm before I go to the grocery, I should get something to eat. So I went in and got a hot dog. $1.50 plus $125 that I bought in other stuff. Note to self. Lunch is cheaper at McD's.

So back home, I hauled all the stuff up here. I divided up the chicken soup into 5 individual containers and put it in the freezer. I cut the steaks up into 8 dinner sized pieces and put them in the freezer. I put everything else away. I have a load of trash waiting to go down to the recycle bin when I go to get the mail.

Before all that I got a jacket mostly made - my favorite pattern, different fabric. And ordered up drugs for the next quarter. Oh and sent an email to about the wrong fabric they sent me.

Oh and I ran into whacko next door neighbor and his husband in the elevator this morning. They have a new puppy. I mean brand new - like 6 weeks old - a pug. Named Winston (or wilson? I need to ask). And he is the cutest thing in the entire world. I mean just so cute it hurts. I may become a dog napper.
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